Content Marketing

Since google itself appreciate rich contents, We have diversified ourselves to develop rich contents and pomote you through it. .

Google Advertise

Another source of our promotion is Google Advertising,To provide extensive amount of promotion what could be more better than targeted & quality full google adverts.

Facebook Advertising

Social Media is the new sensational field for promotion, We are the verified ad firm on facebook and time to time we utilize facebook advertising platform to generate extensive amount of traffic.

Youtube Advertising

For premium clients, Video Marketing is one of our prime tool for promotion.We professionally use youtube advertising tool to convert the traffics to your loyal fan base.As a part of this category we develop promotional videos for our clients and promote them on our music studio channel.


Press Release

What could be the more wise procedure than letting the world know about new release than press release.Our affiliation with top news websites bring maximum exposure for our clients through press release.

Website Publication

A prime way to get heard by the world is web publications.With us you will get this feature too for your brand profile or businesses or simply your newly released tracks..

Forum Promotion

Forum promotion is a dedicated method to drive huge amount of traffic source which includes banner advertising, shout out, exclsuive interviews, features articles e.t.c..

Social Media Promotion

Social Media is now the gold mine for marketing. Shout out from a very engaing page or group now worth equivalent to a radio advertising. With Express Promoter Inc you are covered for such promotion too.

Express Promoter : Your Promotion Partner

Social Media Marketing Has Never Been So Easier...

Social networking is the collaboration around individuals in which they make, impart or trade data and thoughts in virtual groups and platforms. By taking a glance at the evolution of interactions from an extremely essential point of view, it’s truly clear why online networking or social media has ended up so imperative. Yes, organizations have most likely understood the impact of online marketing/social media and acknowledged that social media marketing need to be their part of plan & PR mix.

In Social networking Marketer's 2013 End of Year Report, advertisers now put high esteem on social media promotion:

  • 86% of advertisers expressed that social media is critical for their business.
  • 89% of advertisers expressed that expanded exposure was the most obvious profit of social media promotion.

It is now true that Social Media is the Game Changer.



Why Social Media??


As social media marketing has turned into a more widely used methodology, organizations were still left with the inquiry: "Is social media marketing right for my business? Why should I do it?"

In case regardless you're pondering, here's your reply.  Today, social media marketing is no longer a question - It's an absolute necessity.  The utilization of social media marketing and other online promotional method has developed past being an interim trend.  The whole process is an ongoing, evolving conversation and businesses need to be a part of it to keep arriving at their target market.



  • Increase in Communication
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Creating Brand Awareness
  • Relationship Building


Now most of the Brands/Companies/Businesses/Artists pass a hard time gathering the right amount of exposure for their social media profiles. That’s where our part comes. Express Promoter is comprised of highly knowledgeable social media marketing experts with experience of at least 5-6 years. We recruited the team based on their past results. They will be using the most effective method within the right communities & networks to bring the maximum result for your business’s social media profile. That’s why we believe : “ WE DO IT BETTER “.