Facebook Promotion Service

The social media giant has captivated the entire world population and its popularity is only going to increase due to the steady roll-out of amazing new features. For businesses, social media has become a very beneficial marketing tool for developing their businesses and connecting with potential customers. Let’s evaluate the significance of Facebook in this regard and understand how an effective Facebook Promotion Service can take businesses to the next level effortlessly.

Importance of Facebook Marketing:

Virtually all shoppers utilize the Internet to search for local companies and a majority of them are on Facebook. Without a doubt, Facebook has become the world’s biggest social networking platform with around a billion active users.

These Facebook marketing stats are definitely quite telling:


•Facebook is the primary marketing tool of nearly two-thirds of companies

•Facebook generates leads for around 47% of businesses

•A purchase was made by at least 80% users who received a reply to their post


Therefore, entrepreneurs cannot afford to neglect the various and diverse benefits of Facebook promotion for business. Whether you own a small-scale emerging business or a large-scale established franchise, you need to utilize the utterly helpful strategy of Facebook marketing to prosper.


Why Facebook Promotion Service is the best Option?

Strong presence on Facebook can help you interact with your fans or customers and develop your business. There are several ways through which you can promote your products and services on Facebook such as Facebook Page Likes and Posts.

Having a large amount of fans, posts and likes on Facebook is really beneficial for your business no matter what size it is. It serves as a proof of your reliability and dependability. Potential fans or clients will instantly feel drawn towards your offered products/services due to the presence of huge fan following and Likes. It is like word of mouth; the more fans your Facebook page has, the more appealing your business will be for visitors. Many visitors like your page just because you have a large fan following. They immediately figure out that your business must be the best in the industry that’s why there are so many fans. Once you start posting great content, your fans will easily and quickly convert into potential clients.


However, promoting business on Facebook is no easy feat. It becomes utterly difficult for not just novices but regular Facebook users to analyze which will be the most feasible and effective promotion strategy on this platform. This is why you need special Facebook promotion Services from reliable professionals. Express Promoter Inc. becomes the best choice if you really want your business to flourish and prosper.


Why Choose Express promoter for Facebook Promotion?

We at Express Promoter offer you exceptionally low rates to buy real Facebook likes, Facebook post likes or get Facebook Page Verification done in no time at all.

We can easily increase the number of Likes and the best aspect is that we are not geographically bounded. You can buy Facebook likes or buy Facebook post promotion in diverse regions. Whether you need us to increase USA Facebook Likes, UK Facebook Likes or Australian Facebook Likes, we are always ready for the task.

If you buy real Facebook Likes from our firm, we guarantee that your account will never be affected negatively. Until now, we have fruitfully provided tens and thousands of fans to small and large corporations alike and all of them have benefited hugely. You can also be one of them and very easily reap the benefits of Facebook marketing.


It is our policy and promise with our clients that we will never send fake fans. Many companies offering Facebook promotion service sell fake fans and resultantly, the company’s repute gets compromised as well as the Facebook account.

However, we never employ such methodologies simply because your satisfaction and prosperity is integral for our own growth. Therefore, we deliver only targeted real fans and strictly utilize White Hat methods only for account safety. We can assure you that our promotion services are 100% safe and secure.

Another important factor is the price that we offer for these exceptional services. By far our packages are comparatively the most reasonable if you consider the high-quality and authenticity of our rendered services. If you use Facebook’s CPC, you will have to pay a whopping $500 to $1000 to buy real Facebook fans. On the other hand, we can deliver you the same number of real global fans in just $49. You may wonder how we are gona do it. This is really simple. We have developed the Facebook ads campaigning in a way that serves the same number of fans at a very low rate. At the same time we will also promote you in different platform in order to get the fans or engagement on your Facebook business page, Such as online press media, Websites, Forum etc.


Wondering How to Increase Facebook Page Likes? Consult Us!

Facebook profile page is the most productive platform for delivering updates about your offerings, retrieving customer feedback and informing users about exclusive deals. For businesses, Facebook Page likes act as a barometer of the company’s stronghold in the market and its efficacy as a service provider.


However, not everyone has enough knowledge and potent skills to make the page effective enough to capture huge fan following. Promoting page well is actually an art since only a professional have sufficient knowhow about how to interact with visitors/users and convey the message so successfully that your goal is achieved. This is why you need our special service.

We firstly understand the nature and demand of your business and then devise a thorough and truly workable as well as professionally viable Facebook page promotion strategy. Buy Facebook likes package and it is our promise that our strategy will immediately validate the legitimacy and increase the popularity of your Facebook page.


We know how to increase Facebook Post Likes:

Facebook likes may seem insignificant to you but only an ardent Facebook fan knows its importance and impact on users. Let’s understand the significance of Facebook post likes for your business with an example.

Suppose that you are going to launch a prestigious new product or service and you create a post to tell your fans about it. However, if there are few likes on that particular post, it is highly unlikely that your new venture will receive much public adulation and popularity. It also will become impossible to attract new clients and increase traffic on your website.

Conversely, if that posts receives tens and thousands of likes from users around the world, it will become hot topic of discussion immediately. Your website will receive traffic from existing and new clients and this will be highly fruitful for your business.

But how can you get so many Facebook post likes? Leave it to us because that’s exactly what we do commendably. All you need to do is to buy Facebook post promotion service that we are offering at very reasonable rates.

We will formulate an effective plan to increase brand awareness so that a strong and dedicated fan base gets created and customers are driven to your website. Increasing the number of Facebook post likes will also help in attaining high ranking on search engines. Our Facebook post promotion service will provide you the much needed and desired momentum with a boost in authentic likes from real fans.



With Express Promoter, Your business is in Safe Hands:


All of the offered Facebook promotion service packages are delivered with genuine and active Facebook users. We never employ deceptive modes for promotion and we don’t acquire fans through invites. Only real people can help in development of your business and increase the promotional value of your brand/franchise.

Creating a strong bond with our customers is our primary mission. This is why we offer top-quality and legitimate services to form a long-lasting relation. Money is never our priority but your satisfaction and progress definitely is.

To avail the most feasible and affordable Facebook promotion packages contact us immediately.