Mixcloud Promotion service


What is MixCloud?

It is a music streaming service available online. MixCloud allows listening and distribution of music like radio shows, podcasts, DJ mixes, etc. These are usually crowdsourced by registered members of MixCloud. It is a service aimed at inspiring your ears and letting you discover new ideas and compositions from its vast community of DJs and RJs. This award winning service is also available on mobiles through the MixCloud app.

It is the world’s largest and leading website for on-demand radio with more than half a million popular DJs and radio presenters affiliated with it. It allows users to upload and share musical content with public to make new fans and gain popularity worldwide. MixCloud is a very unique service because the content available here is not been generated by computers but by curators. It is real genuine music created by recognized DJs and artists. It has rapidly become a major platform for upcoming, emerging and established dance DJs.

MixCloud connects the listeners through a crowdsourcing mechanism, which means a radio style platform is curated by numerous users. People can create their own mixes and podcasts and public get its mixtapes. More than 10million gather on MixCloud per month and the service has undergone significant growth since its debut.

How to Promote on MixCloud?

When MixCloud features DJs, more listeners are attracted to their mixes and thus the music and the artists become popular. After creating your profile page, you can link your website to redirect visitors there and for each CloudCast you can add a picture and description.

You may also connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to your MixCloud profile so that your fans know where to find you on social networks. This gives them a way to interact with you easily. Social media integration is very beneficial because it maximizes your reach and also serves as a barometer of your popularity.

MixCloud Promotion Service:

MixCloud has encouraged a trend of audience involvement and participation as critical metrics of a celebrity, artist or brand’s popularity instead of the conventional page-views phenomenon. It is very important to engage the fans and listeners and increase followership because in an industry that is fuelling with competition, only those having extensive and far-reaching fame can survive.

Fans and followers or listeners are vital part of MixCloud and anyone’s popularity is evaluated by the number of fans, plays and shares that a music piece garners. Since it an exclusive on-demand radio service, therefore, unless your music is liked by your fans, it is highly unlikely to be played again and again. This is why you need MixCloud promotion services.

MixCloud promotion depends upon how many times your music gets played and how many listeners are following you continuously. You may be a brilliant composer and music mixer but how can you constantly achieve the humongous task of making every single musical piece of yours immensely popular so that it gets “featured” on MixCloud? This is definitely a daunting task since one cannot always focus on making great music and then inducing exceptional efforts in popularizing it on the Internet.

This however, can easily be done if you have hired professionals for this purpose.

Express Promoter offers Excellent MixCloud Promotion Services:

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Why Express promoter is the best service provider for MixCloud promotion?

Currently, we are the only one offering highly reasonable rates for real MixCloud promotion. The aspect of Real is very crucial for your success on this platform because MixCloud’s policy is very strict in this regard. If somehow you fall into the trap of deceptive MixCloud promoters, the result would be that you will receive fake followers and your account may get disqualified.

However, this is not the case with us. We are professionally viable and our track record so far is the proof of our credibility and efficiency.


The method is quite simple yet very effective. We have been working on promotional platform for musician for quite a very long time now. Over the past couple of years we have curated a huge targeted and enthusiastic network. Moreover we have developed several platforms where we promote our valued clients.

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