Vine Promotion Service

What is Vine?

Vine is a relatively new social network that has gained immense popularity worldwide within a short time-span. It is basically a mobile app, which facilitates short-form video sharing. Vine was introduced by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June, 2012 and in October 2012 the famous microblogging platform Twitter acquired its rights for $30million before Vine’s official launch.

If you have a smartphone compatible with this app, then you can create brief combined or separate video clips. These clips are later linked together to form a video of 6seconds duration. In this way, users can create looping videos (5-6 seconds long video loops) and share it with others.

Videos on this network are called Vines and Revine is the term used for reposting or sharing a video. If a video gains enough popularity, Vine automatically revines it. Otherwise users need to gain followers to popularize it.

Users can also publish their video on other social networks such as Facebook and/or Twitter. Through this app, viewing videos posted by others in a particular category such as genre and theme is also possible.

Why Vine Promotion is Critical for your Professional Growth?

Vine is usually referred to as the Instagram for videos. The rapid popularity it has managed to garner within just two years is a proof of its influence. It boasts of an interactive interface and already major brands and news outlets are using it for their bran promotion.

Twitter is not responsible at all for Vine’s popularity instead it is the very fact that this network is great for SEO. Videos posted on this app usually are prioritized by all prominent search engines because Vine supports search hashtags. This maximizes the potential of your features video loop/clip.

It is very simple to use since no high-tech equipment or wise content management is required and therefore, people from all walks of life are connected to it. The ever increasing number of users on Vine, makes it all the more influential for business promotion. It is an ideal platform where you can capture audience attention, get them engaged, inform them about your offered services/products and entice potential new clients.

Vine offers various ways of business promotion such as you can include a web URL for redirecting traffic to your landing page. You may also use the tactics of anticipation building by launching a countdown campaign for your upcoming venture. You can upload attention grabbing reminders for all sorts of events, deals, packages and announcements.

You may create attention grabbing stories related to your product or a particular theme in the form of video series. This is called identity awareness campaign and branding and is utterly useful for emerging entrepreneurs. This is the same strategy utilized by major companies like Apple and Coca-Cola.

Vine Real Promotion Services by Express Promoter:

You may attempt to promote your brand or business on Vine easily by uploading visually appealing video. But wait a minute.. Hundreds and thousands of other entrepreneurs, individuals and companies are using the same strategy for gaining popularity on social media. So how can you be sure that your content will outshine others and will gain maximum popularity, revines and followership?

The cruel fact is that nobody can be sure about it. Getting high number of real Vine followers, revines and video views is definitely difficult nowadays considering the large number of users uploading promotional content almost every hour.

So what would you like to do? Spend hours and hours trying to generate traffic towards your website? Try to convince users to follow you or view your videos? Or simply let others do this job on your behalf? The last option seems much more feasible, convenient and reliable for sure.

Popularity on Vine is directly proportional to the number of followers, comments, views, revines and visits that yours posted content and your profile displays. The higher the number, the greater will be your popularity and chances of prosperity. Express Promoter’s Vine real promotion service is aimed at the particular goal of increasing your popularity on Vine and its associated social networks.

We offer highly affordable packages for real Vine promotion regardless of the geographic location and nature of your business. You may choose to buy one or all of the following:

  • Buy Vine Followers
  • Buy Vine Video Views
  • Buy Real Vine Likes
  • Buy Real Vine Comments
  • Buy Revine promotion

It is very important to buy real Vine promotion because if your chosen promoter delivers you fake followers then the reputation and credibility of your brand will be severely damaged. Always choose the best for promotional purposes. This is why Express Promoter is your best bet to Purchase Real Vine promotion.

Why Express Promoter is best service provider for Vine promotion?

Our promotion services are very reasonable charged, which means you get credible yet really affordable services for boosting your brand’s popularity.

 It is a fact that currently there are a lot of Vine promotion companies operating on the Internet. However, the aspect that distinguishes Express Promoter from others is that we do not adopt deceptive measures for increasing the number of your followers, video views, comments, and revines.

 It is our promise that we will only provide you real people as your fans so that word about your product or brand gets spread rapidly and you gain popularity within shortest duration.

We never use any automation software or BOT for increasing your video views, like and revines because we know that any type of robotic activity is not allowed on Vine. If we adopt this method, then your profile will be in danger and this will affect our own business.

We are the best in our field. Our team comprises of some of the most talented, qualified and experienced individuals having vast resource base on social networks. Getting real Vine followers for you is not a difficult task for us at all. All you need to do is pick the package that suits your needs. You may customize your packages as well. Our service is flexible, credible and professionally viable.